21st Century Perspectives on Music, Culture and Technology (Forthcoming Spring 2016)


Introduction – Richard Randall & Richard Purcell
Listening in on the 21st Century

1 – Carleton Gholz
The Scream and Other Tales: Narrating Detroit Radio History with the Vertical File

2 – Kieran Curran
‘On Tape’ – Cassette Culture in Edinburgh and Glasgow Now

3 – Jeffrey Roessner
Radio in Transit: Satellite Technology, Cars, and the Evolution of Musical Genre

4 – Margret Grebowicz
The Internet and the Death of Jazz: Race, Improvisation, and the Crisis of Community

5– Richard Purcell
A Brief Consideration of the Hip-Hop Biopic

6 – Damon Krukowski
Love Streams

7 – Richard Randall
A Case for Musical Privacy

8- Graham Hubbs
Digital Music and Public Goods

9 – Jonathan Sterne
The Preservation Paradox

10 – Kathy Newman
Headphones are the New Walls: Music in the Workplace in the Digital Age

11 – Sumanth Gopinath
Researching the Mobile Phone Ringtone: Towards and Beyond The Ringtone Dialectic