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Listening Spaces Podcast Series: What is the Hustle?

In Spring 2018, students from CMU’s The Hustle seminar produced four podcasts and creating the first Listening Spaces Podcast Series. Four teams of two produced podcasts addressing a key issue about DIY music making. Throughout the semester we had discussed music as labor and the rights of the working musician, how inclusivity or bias manifests in the practice of music (public performance, music events, festivals, etc), or how musicians and audiences are silenced in industrial/institutional music making due to economic models – just to name a few. Each team identified an issue, created a list of questions about that issue, and then talked to people they felt would have something to say about it. Teams recorded, mixed, and edited their own works. Thanks Elliot, Will, Val, Christine, Katie, Anthony, Chris, and Evan for your hard work!

LS01E01  Performability of Live Performance Spaces

LS01E02  What is the Hustle?

LS01E03  The Responsibility of Festivals

LS01E04  Live Performance Spaces and the Audience Listening Experience